NGD - Paul Reed Smith Tremonti


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Apr 26, 2012
So I actually picked this bad boy up a few weeks ago, but when I got it it was much more beat up than the store had initially explained. While this bummed me out, I knew Shawn and the PTC guys could fix it. Since its a older model I decided I wanted to keep it and have the work done. So I shipped it to PTC and just got it back. I must say, they knocked it out of the parkk.

Its a 2007 Mark Tremonti signature 10 top. They installed a new set of Tremonti pickups. They also replaced a bad pot, cleaned everything up, set it up and shipped it factory tuned to B for me.

This is my 2nd Tremonti. I love this model - its everything I love about the SCT and everything I'd change about it. Really digging the MOP inlays on the 07 model too.

Ill update the thread with better photos when I get a chance but I'm running around all weekend and wanted to get it up before i forget. Any marks or scuffs you see are merely dust/fuzzies from the case and wrapping.

Again - thanks to Shawn, Skitchy and PTC for turning what I thought was a mistake purchase to a guitar thats moved to the front of my pack. I love it!



I'm glad it arrived safe and sound during this crazy shipping season.

I cant thank you enough - you turned this guitar into a "oh crap, I hope I didn't buy something that I'll regret" all the way to a "Well...I think I found a new #1".

Everything about it is flawless now and is because of you and the PTC guys. You rock as always!!!!!
Great work and nice top. Would love to see the before pics....
You know I pretty much look at alot of the used inventory of GC as fodder for the PTC! So much potential! Awesome! Congrats!

This came from a GC in Maryland and I must say, I am absolutely DUMBFOUNDED by how poorly they handled this sale and if PTC wasn't as good at what they do, I would have sent the guitar back.

Great work and nice top. Would love to see the before pics....

Thanks! I have them but they honestly aren't worth posting - basically the guitar had creme rings, covered McCarty pickups, black speed knobs and silver tuner buttons. I had PTC replace all of those items as well as the new pickup set.
So the Tremonti set is two uncovered humbuckers? Interesting.

No its not - the standard Tremonti set still has the covered neck pickup.

Another sweet guitar mate
We do need a group shot of all your collection now :top:

Ha thanks man! I think once the 7 string is finished I'm going to have to although I have no idea how to photograph that many guitars in one shot.

Hey Markie - can I borrow your couch?
Beautiful axe! congrats!
Is there a tonal difference between the older round bobbin and the latest version, featuring the new square bobbin design?
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