NGD, Myers Blue!


Sucker for Squabbins
Apr 28, 2015
Boston, MA
Ok so I’ve owned the SE Zack Myers in Trampas Green for a few years, it’s been one of my favorite guitars....just a great all around, solid instrument. When they announced the new color for this year, i knew I had to have it. This color is about as close as an SE has ever gotten to Faded Blue Jean. In person, it looks like a perfect mix of FBJ & River Blue.
I had been waiting for Sweetwater to get them in stock, and was told it would be at least a few, I can wait! I already have one right? All of a sudden I saw this one pop up on Reverb, so I snatched it up!
I wanted to see how this new, Indonesian made model stacked up to the Korean WMI guitar...
Honestly, it’s as good or better. I ended up selling the original Trampas Green WMI model the next day...
Everything about this guitar is as flawless as a mass produced instrument could be. The binding, stain, finish work, frets etc... ZERO complaints. I’m stunned at how nice this guitar is for the money..
I did have a set of HFS/Vintage Bass pickups I put in, changed to Gold Hardware & Ivoroid buttons/knobs as well as a Gun Street wiring harness...but stock it sounded fantastic. I almost didn’t put the Core pickups in, but I’m a sucker for “Squabbins”
Ok, what everyone here really cares about! The photos:






Beautiful. Love what you did with the tuners and rings. Blue and cream look so much better to me than the black that was original on it
Thanks everyone! This one is particularly hard to photograph. It’s more of a light blue in person..
As far as the tuner buttons, I actually replaced the tuners with Wilkinson EZ lock tuners in Gold. They were the only ones I could find with ivory colored buttons. The knobs I got from Tone Ninja, they have these faceted ones, as well as the lampshade. Basically the same thing as Crazy Parts, but cheaper and based here in the States. Here’s a better representation of the color, before I changed out everything on the guitar..
Stunning guitar. That stain finish looks like it’s come out of the Private Stock hall!