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Sep 25, 2018
Hey guys!

I have finally come over from the dark side and picked up my first PRS... and it's beautiful! It's a Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 in Antique Violin Amber. It's a 1999 which is the first year of production for the short-lived left-handed core series. I will post another post in a few days time when I've had a chance to play around with it, but first impressions are that it seems to be built with so much precision to a level I've never seen (and I've owned A LOT of guitars). It's in excellent shape, save for some pretty gnarly buckle rash on the back (shown in the last picture), but in my eyes, that means the thing was PLAYED.

The only thing is, the guitar came without a tremolo arm, and I can't seem to find a left handed tremolo arm ANYWHERE online (I made another thread about this, but I figured this would get more exposure), and I have no idea what to do to go about getting one, since PRS don't make USA-built lefties anymore to the best of my knowledge! Anyone have any advice?

Anyways, here are some pics!


Sweet!!! The CU22 is a BEAST of a guitar. I have to agree with you on the "precision" of the build quality. I went PRS and never looked back!
Beautiful, and one of my favorite all-time PRS finishes. I’m sure you can get the trem arm from John Mann.