NGD: My first new Core Purchase, how'd I do

Sep 1, 2020
I've had a few PRS guitars in my day and really liked all of them, but I could never justify the price of a new core model for many years as a guy who was going out and playing live to pay the bills and scraping by. Things have changed a bit in life and I've made it to a point where I have a lot of guitars I wouldn't have been able to afford so I knew I wanted to support this company that I feel does things the right way in both the way they treat their customers and their own employees plus their overall quality as a whole. So I sold my Gibson Memphis ES-339 ( the stocks thing Gibson just pulled was the last straw for me ) and I bought this brand new. it really is outstanding and it's a shame some people would never consider a PRS because this to me is as good as it gets for a production guitar.