NGD McSoapy

Man that's AWESOME, love that color and figuring! Rosewood neck for the win!
What a hottie! Love the color. You did well on that one!! Congrats!
Congrats! I’ll admit I had that one on my watch list too and was really tempted to grab it. The top and color on it are just perfect.
It can’t hurt to ask: can you just, like, give that guitar to me? I think I’d like that very much.
I'll go one better. I'll give you $75 and pay shipping for it. I mean, they didn't even bother to paint the back and the neck? :p

PS: Saying a PRS is beautiful is kinda like saying, "You know, that Charlize Theron is an attractive lady." DUH! But purple and P90s? That's the ticket!
mine finally arrived , these two make such a nice couple
I'd love to but as pretty as it is I can see the price diff for that model . I think the 594 HBII and the McSoapy will have to do for now ...along with the other 25 guitars vying for attention .