NGD! McCarty Trem...


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Apr 26, 2012
This just arrived today...97 McCarty Trem in McCartyburst!

As many of you know, Im quite the DGT whore. I also grew up playing McCartys (Ive had '94, '95 and '97s at various points of my playing time). Never played a McTrem, though.

Grabbed this recently, mainly as a curiosity, I love the DGT but if I had one beef its the small-ish neck. Well this has the Widefat....heh! Initial impressions after about 15 min of blasting it.

- Very similar tone and response to the DGT
- Splits are quite good
- Lack of treble bleed a'la DGT is noticeable
- LOVE the neck carve
- Miss the DGTs giant fret wire
- McCartyburst is about the best PRS finish ever

Ill try and get some more pics up and maybe a clip or 2 of it vs the DGT later

Crappy phone pic is all I have for now.
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