NGD: Lucky 13


Zombie Zero, DFZ
Aug 1, 1985
I won't say that this in my last NGD. I know better. But this Paul's 28 (#13 of 28, PS #2084) is among the final few and a 'holy grail' guitar for me. Pernambuco... Brazilian... mammoth ivory... celtic knots... made by Paul... you know the deal.

I just returned from a brief visit to the states and had just enough time to look it over, noodle around for a few minutes (unplugged), snap some photos, and throw it into a fire-proof gun safe. It was hard to walk away from this one without an opportunity to plug it in.

It has been sitting in a private collection so its flawless but the frets need to be polished and the original strings need to be replaced. I'll handle all that - along with a PG bridge upgrade - when I see it again. This one will be a player, not a case queen.

Special thanks to my friends John and Roxanne Mann of John Mann's Guitar Vault.








I don't think it's possible for a guitar to be more classic, or more beautiful.

With the stuff it's got, it has to sound incredible. And by incredible, I mean every inch of 'beyond amazing'.

Congrats, Hans!

There aren't many guitars that make me weak in the knees, but this is one.
Day-um. One of the holy grails, yes for sure. And those reverse-hybrid pickup covers (gold with silver screws) are just pure-classy on an otherwise also entirely pure-classy guitar. Well played, sir!