NGD incoming, I hope

Reverb has good buyer protections, so I'm not particularly worried about losing any money, I just want a cool guitar rather than a hassle.
I’m very sure that’s what you will get, while there are some crazy train prices on Reverb there still are a few bargains.
My last four PRS I would say I scored for great price and two in particular were silly cheep money imho.
waiting to see what turns up!
The waiting is the hardest part…
Ordering at the start of a holiday weekend makes things slow, sadly.
And by soon I apparently meant Monday, since UPS can't find its ass with both hands and a map.
Finally. Full NGD soon, but for now...

We need more details! How killer a score? Was it mislabeled or something?! Such a classy guitar
It was labeled correctly, just priced low at 1600, which I jumped on. I didn't ask why it was cheap, but my impression is that the seller could afford to not worry much about maximizing what he got out of it.