NGD in cherry…


here are the siblings together. Both of them smiled for the camera today. I gotta name these beautiful soul sisters.
Fire and Ice
I'm going to say this Cherry Smokeburst is a new Thinline color way. Found another listed by a dealer on reverb.
I am GASing for S2 594 at the sam ash near me (they have 3) but I am undecided about the pick ups. How do you like yours and what type of music do you play?
That finish is effin' beautiful!! I do love my Vintage Cherry S2 Thinline, but if I'd seen your color, I'd have grabbed it in a NY minute. Good choice on the guitar itself, you're going to love the playability and tones.
I just noticed that your truss rod cover is also different. Your's has the eagle, mine says McCarty 594.
Geeze, I keep coming back to this thread just to see the pics of that guitar. What a beauty!
…smokeburst in an S2 594 thinline! I didn’t know this color line existed for thinlines. Then I saw one and knew I had to have it. A full 15 ounces lighter than my blue smoke burst S2 594 SC, which was already crazy light by single cut standards. Absolutely love it. She was born 3 weeks ago! Hard to photograph with the reflections. I left photos from the dealer on the bottom to capture the gorgeous mahogany top that I couldn’t.

The only thing I absolutely had to change was the orientation of the toggle switch. Bugged me out that it was still like a Gibson but not at the right location. A simple rotation of the switch and now it’s like a strat/tele direction wise and I much prefer it that way. I kept the toggle switch in the normal orientation on the SC.

Guess I’m a vintage guitar type of guy with these and silver sky as my fav kind of PRS.



I love it! Fantastic!!!
So update this thread… year later and I’ve been thru all the McCarty Models in S2 line and Regular Core McCarty…and I’m sticking with the thin line. Cheapest one won me over. Opted to sell the others instead to keep the herd thinned with so many other worthy axes
I also updated the looks. I was going to sell it but kept looking at it and realizing I was crazy.
Here’s the updated looks. I love the locking tuners. Used them on others including SE silver sky
For those curious of the makeover: Gold tuner grommets, Kluson Locking Revolution tuners, US core 594 drop in pot kit, switchcraft toggle, gold/black screws. I actually kept the pickups the same. Love the 58/15s in this model. I had LTs in it but pulled them. Told you I was insane in the membrane.
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Wow, Broseph - that came out spectacular. The black Klusons with gold grommets against the black headstock knock it out of the park. Did you do all the work yourself? Any special tool needed to pull the original tuners and put in the Klusons? One last thing: Insane in the membrane or not don't matter, I love the tones with 58/15s in my Thinline. Great clean or pushed, 'bucker or single coil. I'll say it for the umpteenth time - the 594 Thinline is the bargain of the century in the PRS lineup.
Nope. Did it myself. They came out rather easily with no chipping of paint. Rocked the old one slightly loose with a screw driver in the main hole and then gentle push from the back. Took me all of 5 mins. The key is not to rush or do anything too forceful
the 594 Thinline is the bargain of the century in the PRS lineup.
Well ... As a Big Time fan of the 594 Thinline .. . I'm not sure if its the "bargain" today, that it was when it was introduced 5 minutes ago ...

I do want a second one (gotta have a back pack up !) but I'm having a hard time with the additional $200 I will have to ante up ...

On a different forum... I point out how Fender is gouging for a Player Mustang 90 , with a 60% increase in like 2 years ..

PRS is looking for a 13% bump here ... But keep in mind that the 40 year record increase in inflation .. is 8% so ... just sayin' :confused:
Crazy good deals for used Thinline and Velas all the time on reverb. If you want to support PRS dealer shops then plenty of them have holiday sales too. Summer is full of sales between Memorial Day-labor day