NGD. I like rivers, and I like blue, and I like ebony, and I like SCs, and I like 594s.

10 top or artist grade? Looks gorgeous regardless what it is. Congrats!

It’s an “artist package” (ebony FB, abalone HS signature, highly figured maple with no stamped “10”, upgrade paisley case). What is interesting is that PRS apparently does not write “artist package” on the hang tag (or anywhere else). Seems odd to me. :confused:
Nice one Steve! I've continued to be on the hunt for a SC594SH, and yet my bank account keeps saying "no, I don't think so". The one you picked up would scratch _all_ of my itches.

Sigh, maybe if the used market prices ever drop back to non-pandemic panic-buying levels...
And so…………I couldn’t resist.


Many thanks to fellow forum member, Patrick Montgomery for sending this my way. I’ve never worked with anyone offering better communication and shipping. Thanks Pat!

TOTAL BEAUTY!!! What’s not to like :rolleyes: HUUUUGE Congrats!!