NGD - Gold Top SC!!!


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Apr 26, 2012
Land of the Birds and Moons
GAS got the better of me and I swapped my Studio, which I will miss, for this 2003 Singlecut Gold Top. It's got a Dragon I in the bridge and a #7 in the neck position, adjustable stoptail bridge as well as some nice upgrades with the electronics. Previous owner knew what he was doing with this set up. Beautiful thick tone and the #7 is great in the neck, never had a chance to play with one before. She's a beast at 10 lbs.+ but the tone is awesome. Not quite as bad on the back as I had thought it would be and on the upside it makes my 9 lb. CE24 feel like a feather. Just wanted to share. Here are a few pics.




Very nice! Want!!

I need a Goldtop. Want,'s all the same.
Thanks guys. Really diggin' the SC vibe. Very happy with the tone and playability. I'm actually able to dial in a few new more useable mid-rangy OD tones on my Mesa Express, couldn't really get there with my Studio or CE24. Only thing I will probably change is the string gauge. It came with a fresh set up strung with 11s. More of a 10s guy in general but I figured I'd give them a shot since they were brand new strings. I don't expect too much of a difference with 10s in fact I may get closer to the clean tone I like at higher volumes with out getting too dark. Very happy over all.