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Johnny Rigs

"Hold on to your butts" - Samuel L Jackson
Mar 1, 2018
How would you describe the pickups? That’s the one thing I haven’t figured out yet. Looks nice!
After doing my best to setup the guitar properly (neck relief, saddle height, intonation, pole piece height, all were out of whack) I’m getting a better picture of these pickups. I think this guitar is my new clean machine.

It’s hard for me to seperate what the pickups are contributing vs the guitar construction itself. The other guitar/pickup combos I have to compare it to are: DGT w/ DGT pickups, Stipped 58 w/ 57/08s, and a CE22 w/ VB/HFS. The Hiland pickups naturally seem to come from the same cloth as the earlier generation pickups from PRS in that they have a strong low end. In a way they remind me of the DGT pickups but with less output. The 57/08s sound much thinner in the low end compared to these Hilands. Split, I like the DGTs better, but understandably because the DGTs are tapped and so have less of a volume drop than a split Hiland neck.

I’m curious to see if a 5-way blade ala Custom 24 switching would work with these Hiland pickups. It’d be cool to get some more pickup coil variations.