NGD - First PRS


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May 22, 2012
South Bend
Like many folks, I've lusted after the jewel like qualities of PRS guitars. Even my wife (decidedly non-guitar oriented) loves the look of the tops. Alas, I'd never found one that seemed to fit right. I'm a lifelong Gibson guy and there was just something about the ergonomics that was off for me. Nothing I could put my finger on really.

A year or so ago I had occasion to play a McCarty and it really changed things for me. It was perfect. I've been on a low intensity hunt for the right one since.

Last week I had one more or less fall in to my lap. A 2009 Korina Soapbar with a Brazialian board, Abalone Birds, Zhangbucker P90s, and an upgraded PRS adjustable compensating bridge. It's nearly weightless, sounds great, and is a joy to play. Love the wide/fat neck carve, although being used to Historic Les Pauls it's one of the thinner necks in my stable. All indications are I'm the fourth owner, and I can't understand why someone would let this guitar go.


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That's tasty. Pure, understated, classy. Very cool. Congratulations on finally finding the one.

Congratulations! That's a great guitar and as a matter of fact, I have the same guitar 2008 Korina McCarty w/ Brazilian board. They are a great tone machine!!! Well done and a hell-u-va-way to get into PRS guitars!!!
Thanks to all. While some consider a soapbar equipped guitar a raunch machine (think Leslie West) this guitar is very refined when played with restraint. My main amp is a Carr Rambler and the harmonics really come through strong with this guitar. It sounds pretty HiFi. Hit it with a little boost and it really snarls well too. Since I have another excellent P90 equipped guitar (Les Paul R6 Sunburst) I'm tempted to throw a set of Mini Humbuckers or Firebird pickups in this for a little different tonal range. Probably not 'til after the honeymoon is over.
Lovely guitar! I passed up a chance to buy an older McCarty Soapbar late last year, and I still regret it. I didn't let a similar opportunity pass this year though with an underpriced '05 SAS.
I've never said this to another guy, or gal for that matter, but that's some very nice wood you have there...