NGD - First Core / Korina Kontent

thanks all! I am definitely loving it It is light and resonant and the sustain just rings out of my Marshall amp. From what I have read the McCarty pickups have great string separation and I agree that you can really hear all the notes play out. She just feels premium! All she is missing is a little bottom on palm muted chugs compared to the hotter pickups i have been used to but it is within the ballpark. Thanks to the wife for making a deal with me. If I don't sell my other guitars I'll need to return this one so I better get on that. I have a black 07 PRS Singlecut SE with locking tuners, US nut, and US Tremonti bridge I will need to part with but it was worth it to be livin' that Core life!

This Korina looks nice, has that really nice deeper Korina color and grain:

They also have a KL33 which looks like a Korina Santana:
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I’m loving the korina wood grain, and how your headstock looks in korina. Plus, the lighter wood must be good on the ol’ shoulder.
Agreed with all... Korina rocks! I have several including an SC594 with a Korina body and neck and it is quite the special instrument. Congrats and enjoy!