NGD...Finally Checked One Off My "Must Have" List!!!!!


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Jan 21, 2015
Suburban Chicago
That damn "Show Your Santana" thread did me in! After viewing that thread for the umpteenth time, I thought I should go looking at Santanas on Reverb. I mean, I hadn't looked at them in a few months, what harm could come of it? There it was, something I've always been after, but any that I have seen have left me with "Sticker Shock". They have all been priced out of what I'm comfortable paying, or at least justifying to myself that I should spend that much on. Leave it to that "other" big box store to employ Guitar Center's "we don't know how to price used guitars" policy. For the less than the price of a new Core Cu24,it was just sitting there in south Florida. I was going to sleep on it again, but I remembered what happened last time....I lost out. Plus, this was "likely to sell soon....someone else has this in their cart." What to do, what to do????

I did what any right minded guy/gal would do....I offered $300 less than the listing, and went off to walk the dogs. I didn't even make it out the front door before I got the "offer accepted" notification. Hot damn! Now to wait for it to ship from just north of Miami. Made it to local FedEx on Friday, but they don't deliver on the weekends?!?!?! Dropped off at 1:00 today! It feels like 8 degrees here today with the wind chill, and it's snowing!. No outdoor pics today. You just get extra crappy (cuz you all know I take crappy pics) indoor shots today.

Of what you are asking yourself....well, Yellow, Braz, wings, two mini toggles, real birds, an Eagle, and a big butt!

Yeah, that's right, a super clean 1997 Santana I for the m-f'ing win, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







and just cuz who doesn't love a wall of (mostly) yellows!



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Aug 2, 2013
Kansas City
Classic, love it! That pick-up switching is interesting. If I recall correctly, they're just basically on/off switches for each pickup. Serves the same function as a 3-way toggle, but Carlos asked for it that way. Although, you can achieve some kill-switch action when playing on just one pickup.

I still have not been able to find a Santana model locally. While I haven't been "actively" looking for one...I have been keeping an eye out through my local shops. Really would like to try one of these models!

Great grab!!! Congrats!
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