NGD! DGT in Antique White!


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Apr 8, 2013
Well I must be nuts these days! I just bought a DGT about a month ago and now another! The logic (?!) goes: that this DGT is for my MIDI connection. You see, I couldn't bring myself to attach anything to the top of the new 10 top! I wanted it to age naturally even though the MIDI installation isn't permanent. Soooo, I was on the look out for another guitar, errr... PRS, that I could attach the MIDI wart to and not worry so much. I figured at worst, down the road, the PTC could possibly help with any trouble I get into with this top... I hope!

At first I had in mind a black color to hide the MIDI wart, pup and all. I also figured I should go for a different tone away from the DGT sound and checked out a PRS DC3 in sapphire smoke burst. Beautiful guitar and bitchin tone but I didn't like the neck and the MIDI pup wouldn't fit right with the shape of the pick guard. I considered others as well; Starla, 408, Mira, etc. However there was something that wouldn't work as far as the fitting the MIDI pup and/or because I really also wanted a trem.

It dawned on me that I really just loved how the DGT felt in my hands. But, could I justify buying a second? Hell yes!! Maybe a black one I thought. Figures that in my search an antique white popped up! Lol. I thought it looked pretty cool! So I looked a bit deeper and saw this one. I thought it looked fkn awesome! It's made this year but has the old school birds on it. Not sure what the inlay is but I love how it helps bring the white of the guitar out even more. I said fk it and pulled the trigger!

I thought this would be a nice backup to my other DGT. Plus I can always throw different pup's in it for different tones which I'm actually considering for the other one (McCarty pups that I bot from Hopeful Sinner). However, I'm not making any hasty pup decisions just yet since some of you know that I'm also looking at getting a new amp! Man, all of a sudden this is starting to get reeeaaaal expensive! Especially considering my McCarty is at the PTC gettin a refinish and refret also... that's not been paid for yet either! :flute: :eek: I'd like to get that guitar back to A-B the pickups to see what I'm feelin once I get the new rig.

I also loved the natural binding on this one. It just added something more. I'm wondering if this is a MT then? It doesn't say on the description.

I had them put 10's on it cause that's what I usually play and it's a dream! (Turned out they didn't! They're 11's)

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Awesome looking guitar! That is indeed a maple top and those are the new 2013 birds.
You should hit up John Mann!!! He has developed a pickup ring that has a Roland Midi mount that is no destructive in any way to the guitar...
Really diggin the new birds, they look great with the white finish.
What they said. Beautiful. Love the maple binding and the new birds.
You should hit up John Mann!!! He has developed a pickup ring that has a Roland Midi mount that is no destructive in any way to the guitar...
THAT'S awesome advice. :congrats:Thanks for sharing that, Hopeful.

I didn't realize how much I'd like a white guitar until I got Mr. Clean. You're gonna love it! :beer: