NGD: Core Steve Fischer Angelus


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Mar 20, 2014
As some of you may have read in the Electric Guitars forum, I had been scoping out possible rosewood neck electrics, eager to explore some new sonic territory. I almost picked up a 513 with RW neck, but couldn't quite get to a price I could justify for yet another electric guitar. So whilst browsing alternative thoughts, I found an acoustic I really liked, a 2010 Core Steve Fischer Angelus.


It has a cocobolo fretboard, mahogany back and sides, honduran hog neck, and European spruce top.

It sounds gorgeous. I really like my two PRS SE acoustics, one an Angelus Custom with solid rosewood body, and one a Tonare with "maple" laminate body. But this one shows what you can do with higher grade materials and the Stevensville attention to build details.

It is in great shape, just one small ding on the headstock edge near the A tuner peg.




It came nicely protected (in a very nice Ameritage case). It also came with this with one end between the D & G strings, the rest hanging down into the sound hole. What purpose does it serve? Some kind of mini humidity controller?


So as mentioned, it sounds fantastic - very nice and clear, and much louder than my SEs. My wife will be home shortly and I'll have her give a proper third-party listen.
And while I think of it, anyone know what finish this would have? Almost (!) looks nitro, but not sure.
Looks amazing and I'm sure it sounds even better! Congrats my man! Play it in good health!
Thanks everyone! I've been playing it off and on ever since it arrived (yay for COVID-19 and telecommuting?) and it is so nice to play, so comfortable for my left (fretting) hand, despite being a touch wider than the SEs and all 6 string PRS electrics. 1 3/4" vs 1 11/16". Very bright sound, which I need/wanted.

Bangin’! Love the case.

The case is very high quality, to the point that I'd be nervous taking it to a gig in case I scuffed it up. So now wondering what hard-sided gig-bag backpack to procure.
Congrats buddy!!
I have a similar one (mine has cocobolo back and sides)...and it is my best sounding and favorite acoustic ever. I hope you enjoy lots of quality time with it.
The handy thing is a humidifier. I’m not a fan of that type.
I agree with Peter; I’m not a fan of those humidifiers. I used one with a Martin, and it caused mini cracks in the finish. In fairness, I may have over saturated it though.
Living in Florida there is little need for a humidifier. If anything, I need bags of that moisture-absorbing desiccant stuff.

Definitely a nice guitar, undoubtedly my favorite acoustic now. (Didn't have much real competition, to be honest, though.)
Beautiful guitar...D'Addario has a Double-packet thingy that hangs between strings when not being played...
I prefer them...*****Humidity control is crucial with better acoustic instruments.

Edit: Don't know why this was in BOLD originally...??? Still a gorgeous guitar...what humidifier system did you end up using???
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Congrats! I love my McManus Angelus, which is cocobolo and euro spruce top.

Not sure, but I think they did nitro finish on the Core acoustic line.
The rest of the band got to play the new-to-me guitar last night at practice. Everyone really liked it, not surprisingly.

And for me being able to hear it when not playing was a nice experience - it definitely sounded good to me!