NGD - CE 24!


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Dec 5, 2016
grabbed this off of Reverb...very excited! Plays great. I have an SE custom 24 that I'll be selling.

I have this terrible guilt though - was going back and forth between this and a strat - finally broke down and got a brand new American professional. I truly love it - but still had the itch as I've been lusting over the CE... did a random search on Reverb and this popped up - had only been posted for a few hours and was a great deal. I was able to rationalize it at the time as I was a few beers deep during the football games last week - LOL. feel guilty because I don't know how much I will play the Strat after getting this. I like it that much. But would take a huge loss on the strat since I bought new if I sold it.

I could barely justify getting one, but I justify the two as a) a midlife crisis - hahaha, and b) the last guitars I will ever buy as I have my trifecta between an LP (studio faded), strat, and PRS.

Pics are the ones from Reverb
And one of the strat for good measure. The Olive green helps with the wife's approval since it's our last name - haha.
Nice grab, ..................but don't stop there, PRS is on a mission of world dominance and I predict you are going to want another someday.
Amazing CE. Congrats!! And really great pictures as well. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy the heck out of it!

I got a CE24 back in October. I wasn't even looking for a PRS at the time. I LOVE this guitar!! The more I play it, the further in love I fall with it. I originally thought of it as just my gigging guitar...nice and light, good feel, nice variety of tones. I'm starting to record over jam backing tracks and cover tunes with it and I'm finding it does all I want. From clean country kinda tones to smooth blues and crunchy's all right there! My strat I will forever keep, but I glance at my LPs and wonder how much I will really play them now.

For me, the biggest feature is the useful coil split. This is the first humbucker guitar I've played that had a nice single coil sound when splitting the coils. On my lps, the coil split just makes the guitar sound wimpy.

Enjoy your CE24!! That Trampas Green was a serious contender in my choice of color!