NGD- Brazzy 408 with Peeps


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May 11, 2012
I found a Chocolate Brazzy 408 with an Antique White top in my Easter basket. Finally landed me a White One. Thanks DFD!

Nice chocolate brazzy neck profile with some peeps.

If you have one of these 408s with a Brazzy neck on order, you won't be disappointed! This one exceeded my expectations.

Nice birds.

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Too sweet. After seeing that binding don't you wonder what the top looks like? :D
I got a chance to put it through it paces today. The 408s give it a nice modern sound and begs for some loud modern rock. So the amp du jour was the Mesa Dual Rectifier. The low notes are very articulate and sounds great for hard rock grind. When you back off the volume, the split coil sounds are more noticeable and pronounced. It really helps if you back it off down around '3' for clean tones. split'em and it sounds great. rock out at '6', saturation at '9-10'..
It feels great too- the pattern regular neck, rosewood neck, 10's and trem make it very comfortable to play. It was easy to bond with this one, I will take it to practice and probably gig with it next week.
Right now, I can't say what the impact is of the brazzy neck. I do notice a little of the snap and sizzle of Brazilian I am familiar with. All the elements are working together to make it a great overall instrument to play!
I posted a pic of the back, here's another shot:

Mate.... That's a killer guitar!!!