NGD- Another Dinner Guest


What? I get a title?
Mar 20, 2014
Awesome! And yeah, the wood shows up very differently in the sunlight.

Brian just posted on FB some photos of the "other" violet blue burst, the sister to my WL509. It looks awesome too - I love how this entire run came out! Not a bad looker in the bunch!

Dancing Frog

Senior 513 Whore
Apr 28, 2012
Odenton, Md
You sure know how to pick'em Mr George
Congrats, another great addition to the stable, do let us know how she sounds!
Thanks. Only, this one really wasn't a pick per se, it was conspiracy that began on this forum in February of last year among five of us to put together the specs for a wood library 509 run.

I thought it would be very much like your typical swamp ash guitar, a bright mid-scooped beast which would be heavy on the twang and light on the warmth. I wasn't really excited about it until I acquired one of the Sweetwater wood library run about a year ago that had roughly the same specs. That turned to be more than I would expect. The maple capped body added warmth and depth to the guitar without compromising the brightness. It had very strong telecaster and strat voices, but much more dimensional just like the original GOTM 509 version. I happy to report that the new one sounds similar to the Sweetwater run in every way that matters.