NGD! 594 Wood Library Artist Package


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Oct 14, 2014
This finally arrived last Friday, haven't had a ton of time with it yet, but I think this is finally the 594 that I'll keep forever. It's a 2019 Wood Library Artist, with a 1-piece quilted maple top and African Blackwood (not your normal ebony) fingerboard. It's funny, I found 3 of these WL 594 Artists on Reverb all at the same time. I tried my best to buy the first one, but we got to an impasse and then he sold it. Then I found a second one, the guy didn't seem to be very forthcoming with info when I asked questions and asked for more pics, then I found this one and the rest is history. Good weight, right in the middle I think of where these should be by feel, though I have no scale to weigh it. Sounds fantastic, feels great, so I'm happy. I think this is Aquabluex, which I've had before and could be my favorite color.

Seller's pic, I'll post some of my own later.


Moondog Wily

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Feb 12, 2021
Piccolomini Crater, Luna
That is one of the most beautiful combinations of color and quilt I have seen! So perfectly water and I am a sucker for one piece tops!! I know you "think" you will keep it forever, but if you ever have to part ways with it for any reason (even if it gets damaged), I'm your Huckleberry!!! Congrats on a swimmingly gorgeous score!!!!

WA Paul

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May 11, 2017
Big congrats! Awesome color for an awesome top! African Blackwood is a GREAT choice for a fretboard, sitting nicely in between ebony and rosewood. Plus, it’s a 594 so you know if terrific already!