NGD: 53/10 Limited

Ha! Funny thing is that my PS was at World Guitars!

It is it's destiny to travel back to the UK and have a reunion with is fellow world guitars guitar!
53/10s are supposed to sound like single coils right? Humbuckers that sound like single coils?
There was some marketing blurb when they first came out that mentioned a reference to being sweet like single coils from the early 50s, but that's about it. Whether they were actually meant to sound like single coils is another matter - I would strongly suspect that they were not and it was just a bit of marketing spin. There is nothing in their construction to lend to a more single coil sound, unlike say a narrowfield or TCI etc. They are just normal lowish output humbuckers in book.
Congrats on the guitar. Love the 53/10s and have them in a couple of guitars. That run has a lot of awesome tops and yours of course is one of those.
I can get the low power and sweet sound angle, but still don't understand the marketing angle comparing to 50s single coils. A P90 just has different things going on that a standard configuration humbucker just hasn't got. I would have understood more if they made old sweet PAF comparisons. However, that is not really important, they are what they are, which is a fantastic humbucker.

...But, the 58/15LTs comparison, that is something I am also really interested in hearing, and something I've not come across yet. They are both the low output PRS humbucker options, though I don't know if they approach that the same way. I'm not aware that the 53/10s are underwound at all. And I also have no idea of how they compare output wise. Which one is the lowest output?

The only nugget I have heard so far, is Shaun@PRS discussing the pickups John Mayer has in a 594 which are slightly higher output versions of the 58/15LTs. And all he said was that they have a different thing going on than the 53/10s.

A think the PAF comparison is more apt, btw some beautiful guitars have cropped up in this thread.