NGD! 30th Anniversary CU24


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Oct 14, 2014
Hey guys, I eluded to this a few days ago in another post, and she showed up today, so time for the reveal!

It was the last Honey Flame that Zzounds had in stock, so I got it at a pretty good price. Not a 10-Top, but pretty good. Definitely have to be at the right angle to see the flame, but it's there. They forgot the trem bar, so they are supposed to send me another one to replace it. Haven't plugged her up yet, since it was delivered to my office, but it's my 2nd 30th Anniversary. The first one was in Azul and the color was too green for me in real life, so I traded it back in pretty quickly. I love this color, though!




When I get home, I'll plug it into this, that I just got a couple of weeks ago, a Marshall SL-5 slash signature 5 watt, which sounds KILLER! It really dwarfs the little 10" cabinet that I bought for my H&K Tubemeister 5 watt head.

Gorgeous, the honey looks like a nice faded Vintage Yellow! 85/15s ROCK! the snot out of her!
Gorgeous, the honey looks like a nice faded Vintage Yellow! 85/15s ROCK! the snot out of her!

You nailed it - I either describe it as that or as "halfway between vintage yellow and natural."

One of my favourite colours either way. Congrats @Solteroblues - not only a beautiful colour but a really lovely piece of maple too. Which neck carve is it?
Congratulations. I'm still impressed by these 30th Anniversary guitars. Your's is a beauty.
Superb! That really is a great color, almost natural but with a little extra sweetness to it.

Might not be a 10 top by designation, but I think it looks great!
these pictures don't do it justice, it's got a little more color to it than just natural... not quite vintage yellow, but a little more yellow than it appears here. Plays beautifully, nice low action and no buzz. just the right weight, too.