NF3s - Why don't you see more of them?


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Apr 26, 2012
I'm afflicted with several (meaning many) guitars, which means that I don't play all of them continuously. I do try to rotate through them, and I recently gigged my McCarty 25th NF3 for the first time in a while. I forgot how much I really like this guitar, and particularly how much I like the NF3 pickups. The McCarty25th was my first PRS. And the only reason I got it was because as a Marylander, I'd always been curious about PRS, and a trip Guitar Center to buy strings showed this thing on clearance for under $1K. The sales guy at GC had no idea why it was listed at under a third of the normal retail price, and laughably suggested that maybe it was because the strings were rusty (they were...)and that it had "weird" pickups. I knew so little about PRS at the time (not long ago) that the only reason that I knew that it was a good deal was that I looked it up on Wildwood's site on my cell phone. To make a long story even longer, it was that guitar that got me hooked on PRS.

In any case, the NF3 pickups are wonderful, and I'm really surprised that I don't see more people (actuall I don't see any people) playing these. To me, it's the first pickup in a long while that is it's own unique thing. It isn't a PAF tone, it isn't a fender type tone, it isn't a P90 tone (though that may be the closest), but it is sweet sounding, and it isn't so different that it would turn people off (I wouldn't think.)

I was just wondering if anybody had any opinions as to why you don't see more of these. No post is complete without a couple of pics and a poorly thrown together clip, so see below. It's just guitar and amp for the most part except for one obvious place where I kick in a Wampler Pinacle.


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I think Sergiodeblanc hit the nail on the head...People (in general) are afraid of change. PRS's description sold me, being a lover of P-90's and all. I have an NF3 and it is the feel of the neck (lack of finish feeling, kinda big and fat) and the sounds are just different enough to make it a great addition to any arsonal...enjoy your beautiful, and CHEAP, new toy!!! Great Find!!! Congrats!!!
Honestly (and this is purely superficial, I admit), I just thought the two NF's looked weird on that guitar. When I first saw it, I thought "that should be a 3 pickup guitar!" As soon as the Studio model came available, I bought one of those!