NF3 Maple Neck


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Oct 26, 2012
Eugene, OR
I'm looking for more information on the solid maple neck on my NF3. The back of the neck feels almost like it is smooth, bare wood. It seems like I remember reading something like the finish is absorbed into the wood. Is there any prescribed maintenance?
I believed that they used the word "impregnated". My SAS narrowfield and DC3 has the same finish on the neck. Feels lovely! I'm not aware of any prescribed maintenance. Hope someone will chime in soon.
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Thanks David. I thought I'd remembered seeing the word impregnated somewhere but it is not in any of the product description pages for 2013. It really is a great feeling finish. I guess I'll have to call them on Monday if no one else knows.
I think it was supposed to be reminiscent of vintage maple necks that had the finish worn down to the bare wood. It does not seem to matter if your hands are clean or dirty the feel is very consistant.Cool and dry with no grab.Love it.
I talked to a fellow named Matt at PRS yesterday about the maple neck. If I understand it right there is no finish, just a clear coat. Matt told me Paul uses Behold.