NF3, DC3, or 305?


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Oct 22, 2012
St. Louis, Missouri
I'm looking for a new sound, more bluesy, more old school. I just bought an HXDA with a 2x12 cab and I think one of these would sound awesome with this combo. Those of you who play NF3's, DC3's or 305's please join in and tell me what you like about them and what you don't. I am looking at them right now and trying to decide which one would be the best. At the moment I'm leaning towards the NF3 for what I believe is a little thicker voice, but still a singlecoil type sound.

NF3 (flat korina)
DC3 (flat alder)
305 (carved alder)
(Narrowfield vs. Singlecoils)

What are the sonic differences in the woods, pickups, etc.

Thanks for any help!

~ Matt
I think any of those three guitars will be great but I don't connect old skool blues with an HX/DA. At least not the way I hear it.

Open to other amps?
Well, the HXDA is very bluesy compared to the Mesa Boogie Roadster I just sold to pick it up. I'm just not digging how the humbuckers are sounding through it. I just want to try something else and having another great PRS guitar is never a bad choice! :)
How about a 513? Gets you close to the 305/DC3 singlecoil sounds, but also allows for the two levels of humbuckers.
Well, I played a DC3 yesterday at Guitar Center... it was a nice looking guitar, a little beat up as to be expected at GC, but I really didn't like the feel of it... Guess I'll move down the list and try something else. The 513 seems cool, might have to check one out.
My vote is for the NF3. This is really a fun guitar to play. The maple neck is very smooth and the NF pickups are very versatile. You can really dial in a number of great sounds just by adjusting the volume. I've played the DC3, but if you are looking for something with a bit more throat, I would go for the NF3. Read some of the posts out there on these Narrowfield pickups and you will see. They really have a following. Anyway, you would not go wrong with any of the three, but if I had to get just one, I'd go with the NF3.
I checked out an NF3 yesterday... natural finish, rosewood fretboard w/ birds through a Mesa Express 5:50. Wow, I was completely blown away by the sound and feel of this guitar. The amp eq was set flat (all at 12 o'clock) with a slight bit of gain. The difference in the 5 positions is unbelievable... I think I found what I want, just in a different color. I 'm thinking I need the cherry red, or the white wash. Does anyone know if the custom shop offers different pickguard options? I would really dig a pearloid white. Looks like I will be ordering one of these...