NF3 Alert!

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Oh my … it’s still raining … another very purtty SAS NF3 … also priced more realistically.

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Still raining...

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2010 NF3 at TGP (not mine, but maybe it will be):

2010 NF3 at TGP (not mine, but maybe it will be):

Go for it!
I'd be hard pressed to pass on the SAS
That's kinda where I'm leaning, but not for any real reason I can identify. Maybe partly because I love a 25" scale, and if I want 25.5" stratty, there are a lot of options (though not NF, obviously).
Honestly, I'm on the fence between an NF3 and SAS NF. "Both" is not an option. :)
I've got plenty of experience with both, so feel free to ask any questions if you have any. One thing they have in common these days is that neither is easy to find at a non-stupid price.

"Both" is, unfortunately, always the correct answer. But the even better answer is that the NF3 is better. ;) Hope you pick up one or the other soon!
Never had an SAS NF, but would like to try one. Definitely know the NF3, and it’s a killer guitar in every way. Obviously, I went NF3 first, but I don’t think there’s a bad choice between those two.
Fairly priced, too!