Newsworthy Announcement For My Production Company!


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Apr 26, 2012
Earlier this year my production company, ELF XI, began a strategic partnership for music licensing with North Star Media, a well known independent publisher with expertise in licensing music for movies, TV, commercials and recording. As we moved forward, we've truly enjoyed the relationship, and we decided to work even more closely together, and expand the relationship to include our original music production under the North Star Music promotional and marketing umbrella.

Check out the North Star Media website; we're working on updating it to include this news, but it will give you an idea of what the company does, and it's worth a look:

In addition to our base in the Detroit area, we now have offices in Los Angeles, and greater access to markets in New York, Chicago, and Nashville.

Projects are also in the works with North Star's publishing team; this is a very exciting opportunity and I'm stoked!

PS - one of the things that North Star's CEO and I have in common is that we're both PRS players. ;)
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Thanks, guys!

It'll be a lot of fun branching out in various ways. That's the really cool part of this deal.
Thanks so much for the kind words, everyone! There's a lot in the works - they have a nice catalog, but until we came along, didn't have original scoring. We had original scoring, but when our clients found a need for music to simply license, we didn't have a catalog of that kind of thing. We also are going to build a new catalog specifically geared toward ad work and TV cues that NSM can license for various projects. And there's a label, and other interesting projects.

Most important, my partner and I really like their management team and staff. So it should be fun!
All the best Les. As a fervent hope is that when I am your age (soon, buddy...real soon) this is what I plan to be doing:

And maybe some of this:

And occassionally, spending the day doing this:

However, I want to be doing it above the ground, as opposed to either 6' below, or in a jar on a mantle somewhere. :laugh: And, it is fantastic that you enjoy your work so a consequence, you never have to work a day in your life. Keep it up pal.
And, it is fantastic that you enjoy your work so a consequence, you never have to work a day in your life. Keep it up pal.

Thanks, Bennett!

I'm still surprised that I was able to turn what I love doing into a livelihood for the past twenty something years! And I'm excited and happy every time a project comes in the door.

If I had to stop doing this, I'd be pretty frustrated.