New vs. Older Dustie Waring CE24


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Sep 8, 2022
Cleveland, Ohio
Hi - I was wondering if any fine folks here could describe differences between newer and older Dustie Waring CE24 models.

I have an opportunity to trade for one, a 2018 version with “open” birds. I read of vague “improvements” in 2020 when apparently they became regular production models.

I have two core CU24 Floyd guitars, and like them very much. My understanding is that the DW guitar has a thinner profile neck, which concerns me a little, but unless it’s like Ibanez JEM thin, I’m sure it would be ok. I don’t live or die by neck carves but extremes in both directions tend to not work well for my averages size hands.

Anyway thanks in advance. The trade I’m thinking about is already a bit sided toward the guy with the DW, so I am hoping to find out if I’m trading for a guitar that has a much improved, newer version. Not all updates are actually improvements, but there isn’t a ton of info out there about these guitars.


Outside of the birds, the only change I'm aware of are the knobs have higher friction so they don't move as easily on the newer ones. I prefer mine (2018)
Did they update them? Thought they were the same?
I did find somewhere, maybe the Mojotone site, a pretty vague description of the v2s, I think they were described as being more "clear" in the highs and lows and less midrange emphasis. This causes me some concern, but I doubt its enough to scrap considering a trade. In the limited reviews of the guitar I have seen, I don't think I've ever heard anything to lead me to believe the earlier pickups were BAD.
I went in thinking I would swap the pickups out, but love them. They clean up surprisingly well too. I have sold off the rest of my guitars and have the Waring and a DGT. All my bases are covered with them.