New very old house. New music room.

Great space! I like that much more than mine (work in progress on my end).

Got a music room in our old house too. You can see a bit of the drum kit. Yamaha keys not pictured.

We love our old house too. Finished in 1917.
Another great space and cool house!
Awesome room. I love it. Every home should have a music room. Or 2 or 3 or 4 or the whole darn house should be littered with guitar stuff and.....

i have a Roland Cube mini for the living room. Positive Grid Spark on third floor nook.

Few more house pics (realty shots before us).





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More red guitars? :confused:

Cool room and house!

Technically, far left is 35th anniversary in burgundy metallic, sorta reddish…. But, you’re correct, things have changed over time…

Also, Custom shop Strat has a sea foam MJT body. The original Candy Apple Red relic body (avatar) is in a closet.

When I sold the seafoam Beetle and McTrem, my plan was to take it back to original red. But my lady likes it the way it is.
Looking at the stairs, thresholds, trim, can’t help but wonder who walked, who put some of the marks in the wood. What sort of shoes, boots, spurs… I’m digging it.