New Tremonti Album


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Sep 6, 2014
Detroit, MI
I think Mark's voice is perfect for Sinatra and especially since he is doing it primarily to benefit a charity for his daughter's condition which makes it even more special and meaningful. I definitely applaud his determination and dedication to this project and I definitely will be buying the album as soon as it comes out.


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Apr 28, 2012
Yep - have it ordered. (I made a mistake on my order and contacted them this morning - fixed in minutes. That's customer service!)

There were times watching the making of video that I thought for a second they were playing Sinatra's versions.

Daryl Jones

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Nov 15, 2021
Alberta Canada
Mark was speaking about it on an Edmonton radio station this morning. Was really cool to hear his personal views of it. Kind of neat hearing someone like him speaking about sitting alone in a car for three hours at a time practicing singing like Sinatra. I'm like "Hey, I read this on the forum!"


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Nov 17, 2021
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I just ran across this. My daughter has Down Syndrome, and the NDSS feed is on my Facebook page. That’s how I found it. Very cool what Mr. Tremonti did, and oddly nice to know he’s part of the family.

I saw a reference above about “horrible disease”. Just some well intentioned comments, please don’t take offense or duck for cover!
1) it’s a genetic condition - 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. Hence World Down Syndrome Day is March 21st -3/21.
2) Horrible. I get where that could come from, but not so horrible. If there was a checklist for what you get with your kids, my wife and I would not have checked that box, and yet we were blessed. Would we undo it if we could? I honestly don’t know.
3) my daughter is an amazing, wonderful, optimistic, innocent human being. I am honestly in awe of her most every day. She tries twice as hard to be the best she can be. She may well go to a four year college program, though likely not resulting in a degree.
4) it’s different at my house, the journey has had significant challenges, but it’s usually a lot of fun here as well!

Ok, soapbox classroom is over. Thank you to Mr. Tremonti for his generous gift, and thanks to all here for indulging me.


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Dec 10, 2019
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Awesome stuff. I was just made aware of this post (didn't find it in a search prior to duping the info), but it's worth posting again. Great job. I didn't know it had been posted earlier, missed it then and in a search! Worth a re-post :)