New Toy Arrived Today

Bradley Gavel

New Member
Jun 14, 2021
These new ZM’s look amazing!

Yeah it's been almost a month and I honestly am still blown away when I look at it, and even more when I play it.

Only complaint I would have is the tuners aren't the best, however it's such an easy project I'm not really too bothered by it. The SE nut seems to have been corrected on these also.
I put new strings on it and stretched them to the best of my ability and tuning stability/intonation is good enough to chug hard to a couple tunes, and when she goes out it isn't by much.
I'm certainly not a guitar tech, so someone more capable could really make her sing!

I truly couldn't be happier :D

Hugo Agogo

New Member
Aug 22, 2021
I’m happy for you. I think with any new instruments you just need to live with them and they settle in.
I’m sure it will be great. The guy who I bought my SAS off had 11’s on it and turned to Bb !
The tuning was a car crash, but it’s rock solid now. I’m sure with a few tweaks you’ll be sorted

Andrew Paul

The cat's meow
May 25, 2017
New York
I present to you: Laurie.

Named her after my mother who always supported me in my musical endeavors and she also bought this for me, enjoy :D

Pics aren't the highest of quality but if it fires up the GAS for anyone, I call that a win


OHHH Yeah!! That's a nice one!