New to the PRS family!


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May 17, 2013
Greetings folks, I've wanted a PRS since I started playing guitar in the early 90s. My wife and my family were aware of my love for this guitar and would always tell me that they would have one "some day". I walked into GC a few weeks ago and saw a beautiful CE22 hanging on the wall. I live in Knoxville, TN, so I've always had my heart set on an orange PRS. It was orange, it was flamed, and it was priced right. I took it down, played it for around an hour, and went home to sleep on it. It's not all stock. The 5 way has been replaced with a 3 way and push/pull on the tone pot. It also has aftermarket pickups. A PAF SD in the neck and an EVO2 in the bridge. I negotiated the price down 250.00 from the sticker (as it had been on the wall for 3 months). It was owned by a studio musician, so it's in fantastic condition for a 20 year old guitar. Not a hint of cig smoke anywhere near the guitar or case. I gigged my first 2 shows with it last weekend and it is so freakin great. The wonky winged tuners took some getting used to. The tune radius is also super sensitive on those things. Either way, I welcome any information you may be able to provide about the 1994 CE22 guitars. I'm super proud of it.
Hey Adam,
I'm in Knoxville too. Who are you playing with?
I wondered the exact same thing. Now a days, they add all sorts of color adjectives to colors in order to give them a bit more flair. I wanted to know EXACTLY what color PRS I had. I called the PRS customer service number (VERY helpful bunch), gave them my seriel number, and they informed me that my guitar's official color was............Orange. LOL.

H2 - I play in a local cover band called Gunnin4Betsy. We're relatively new and are just starting to work our way into the boat docks/pubs/bars, but i'm having a great time! Who do you play with?