New to the PRS brand- Scarlet Red S2


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Jan 31, 2021
Nor Cal
Well, I finally did it. I've been playing guitar for 40 of my 46 years on this planet and finally bought my first PRS. I usually play a Les Paul or vintage Strat, but have never had a PRS. Something about them just never really appealed to me. I was in Texas last month and stopped by the Guitar Sanctuary looking for another guitar and not much really jumped out to me. The gentleman working there asked if I had ever played a PRS and I replied no, not my schtick. He insisted I play one just for a minute. That was it... I wasn't really into the guitar he handed me so I went back and picked out my red S2 as well as a few others to try. The S2 I ended up with was exceptional and really stood out to me. Since buying it, I have replaced all the hardware and electronics with the core stuff, copper shielding to the cavity and added an HFS in the bridge and a Vintage Bass in the neck. I think the mods really took the guitar to the next level. Since I was loving the S2 so much, I ended up getting a core Custom 24 in obsidian smokeburst as well. Both guitars are killer and have me a PRS fan for life.