New to PRS, just got a SE Santana with a rather odd neck


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Feb 22, 2016
A couple of months ago I discovered Santana and the moment I heard Black Magic Woman, I was like "Woah, that's some good music" fast forward to 3 moths ago I discovered PRS though a friend and to my amazement I found out that Carlos Santana plays a Paul Reed Smith. I of course get excited and start looking at the SE line. The moment I saw the specs and the look and everything, I was in love and that's how I ended up with a SE Santana. The neck feels absolutely amazing and I looove the pickups. Clean, on the neck pickup the guitar sounds nice and crisp. with gain, the whole guitar just sings and screams at the mids. Gotta love the build quality as well.

What's odd about mine is that the neck appears to be highly figured/flamed? I haven't seen any other PRS SE with a neck like this and It's definitely a single piece and not a veneer. I cannot find anything on the internet. Everything else seems normal (including the stunning flame maple veneer :D )
You just won the neck lottery. My Zach Myers has a similar flamed neck. It is by total chance but every now and then an exceptional piece of wood makes it into the body/neck of an already great guitar.

It's a keeper!
Someone at the SE factory saw that piece of wood and decided to make one of that day's batch a little extra special, you're lucky to find it.

...............You only discovered Santana a few months ago?.....................Are you living in Siberia?:D
Congrats on an amazing SE! Cannot wait for April - new Santana album with the original lineup!
Never seen a neck like that on an SE before.
Very nice looking.

Carl, looking forward to the new album also.
That's a gorgeous neck! Lucky bugger... ;)

Count me in looking forward to Santana's new album as well... :D
That is stunning.

To me...that's what it's all about. Has the feel you like, the sound you like...and has the LOOK of a high end piece of gear costing thousands of dollars more.

What's not to love???

All things considered, it's a winner on every front!