New Song Day (NSD) - "Eco-Cide" by Moondog Wily

Moondog Wily

In Tune Wit Da Moon!
Feb 12, 2021
Piccolomini Crater, Luna
I have committed to releasing a song a week this year (real close to being on schedule so far, just a few days behind) under my various artists (have to justify the cost of these guitars somehow). Only posting a portion here, but this is the latest (WARNING - starts off with a nuclear explosion):

Written in 1996, it feels awesome to finally get it out of my head and recorded!!! This is the second song I ever wrote on guitar (first was released a couple of weeks ago on it's 26th birthday and is called "May Your Dreams Be Captured"). Twenty thousand leagues from perfect, but at least I can move on to the other 1,000 plus songs I have written and never recorded!

This song has Birtha Luna Bluvi (2021 CU24) on lead, Hoorman Gitfiddle (McCarty 594 HBII) on rhythm, MM Stingray Bass and Komplete Kontrol keyboard. Addictive Drums for the beats and some kind of Lunatic on vocals ;~))

All feedback encouraged and appreciated!!

Howlin' Moondog Wily