New SE Dave Navarro?


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Jan 9, 2013
Maybe its just a new color. There is a new one up for sale model codes DNJW and DNJW-LB. My rep was not able to get info on the differences. But one is priced higher than the othe so maybe there were some upgrades.

I know they have new colors for the se custom 24 that are not on the prs website.

Anyone know anything about this?
No thats the confusing part. Alll pics and description are the same. But the sku and price is different.
hmmm. I'm pretty sure the JW stands for Jet White, I wonder what the LB stands for?
The description says jet white I thought it may be the black version of his se. That or a miss label of the new clint lowery se since the 7 string just got listed.

But he says the listing is right. Its listed ad new so if ist not wrong I don't know what it is.
Maybe the difference is in the new beveled version? Could LB stand for Light Bevel?