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Discussion in 'Artists & Music' started by matonanjin, Aug 30, 2018.

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    I didn't know whether to post this here or in Electric Guitars. But it's here.

    Many of us know Corey Congilio as one of the top instructors over at TrueFire. I have several of his courses and am currently taking video lessons from him. A great instructor and every bit as great of a guy. He is also a highly in demand Nashville session musician and backup musician.

    Just a few days ago he was on the Today Show backing up a singer named Lucie Silvas (and playing some smoking guitar licks):
    Lucie Silvas and Corey Congilio on the Today Show.

    Corey has always been mostly a Gibson 335 kind of guy and I've seen him with an SG a lot.

    Guess what?!?! He just announced on FaceBook, literally minutes ago, he is a PRS guy! You have to have a FB account to view that but he has a new McCarty 594 Singlecut. I kidded him and said "Welcome to the PRS family" and he responded that he was going to wait to send me my newest video to tell me. ;)
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    Very cool. Plus, I'd love to have the Gold Top 594 SC Soapbar for myself!
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    No doubt! That is smokin' hot!
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