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Too Many Notes
Apr 26, 2012
PRS should make...

1. "The Modern Eagle Aromatherapy Amp."

Some PRS amps have a fan in back. Hmmm, hot not a Brazilian Rosewood enclosure? Talk about a bedroom amp! You can play tunes on it, and just turn it on in your bedroom at night for some relaxing Aromatherapy while you and your significant other drift off to sleep.

2. "The CR Nashville Swapper."

A guitar made for a guy like Chris Reynolds, who likes to swap pickups; you simply plug in a new pickup via a multipin connector, so the pickups snap in and out.

3. "The MA Pete Private Stock Of The Month Club."

Some players like to try everything there is. So instead of having to go through the hassle of buying and selling, this program allows players to get a new private stock guitar every month. Subscribers have the option of buying a certain number each year, or just keep getting new ones, and sending the old ones to the PTC for re-polishing and sending out to dealers. We all know they barely play them, anyway.... ;)

4. "The Old Man and the C Amp."

Enclosure and chassis made of lightweight carbon fiber that "mature" guys like LSchefman can actually carry around without needing oxygen. "C" transformer.

5. "The 400 Watt Bass Amp and Sauna Heater."

Kind of a Cedar enclosure, natch! ;)

Got any?
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