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New NF3 Pics!!!


Best I've Ever Been
Jun 2, 2012
Got the new rosewood PG, TRC and Cavity Plate for the White Wash a bit ago and figured i'd post some pics of the Pair. These are two Experience NF3's with consecutive Serial nums. (don't ask how that happened) I bought them 3 months apart from different sides of the US. I am super proud of these geets. I get some pretty killer sounds out of a Mesa Road King 1 with these two.

It's kinda weird, the White Wash has "Expeience" on the modcat sticker in the bridge pickup cavity, but when i asked PRS tech Matt, he said there is nothing in the computer that it was used or displayed or anything. The Frost Blue Metallic one maybe some of you remember from the expeience. I guess Davey played it on stage and it was given away to a fellow member.

I really give PRS props for making this guitar, fits just right for me and has a S*%tload of attitude.



WOW - the rosewood pickguard freaking MAKES that guitar - I can't get over how nice it looks!

And yeah, Andy won that Frosty NF3 - like he does every year...... :shakesfist:
Thanks guys. Hey ya know what? While we are at it, if anyone has a frosty, or a white and brown theme goin' on, post a pic. I'd love to see em!