New model announced


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Feb 7, 2014
I just saw it on a facebook group. Was just about to ask if it was real.
Sure, but I presume he has family. The RR model was posthumous. As was the HX/DA. Greatness never dies.

True, but Rhoads had an existing relationship w/Jackson. And I'm guessing there's a reason the amp wasn't called the Hendrix/Allman.
If they do make a tele, I would like to see a 6 in line headstock.
But I need PRS to make the tele body shape a little different. That’s my only issue with the telecaster... it ain’t made for people who have boobies.

Right now the closest I can get to tele sounds are: my McCarty on the 53/10 bridge (in single coil-ish mode) and my other McCarty on 59/09 bridge (in humbucker mode). They do pretty good impressions.