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Hello. Sorry, I missed this thread when I joined the site and posted/commented in a couple of other areas first.

I've been playing guitar for 30+ years (off and on) but have recently gotten serious and found a great online teacher who's helping me improve my playing and teaching me theory.

I'm a lefty so I never had the chance to try a PRS, but decided earlier this year to pull the trigger without playing one first and boy am I glad I did. I picked up a brand new SE Custom 24 in Blue Burst and I love it. So much that I found a pretty good deal on a Faded Whale Blue SE Custom 24 with Roasted Maple neck (from what I've read they were sold only in Europe, but this one made it across the pond) and I love that guitar just as much! It has a Mann Made bridge in it and Schaller locking tuners (both installed by a previous owner).

I'm looking forward to interacting more here with all of you and seeing what PRS has in store for us lefties!
Hi! I have my first PRS: a SE McCarty 594 :)

I've been playing Strats and SuperStrats for about 40 years and disliked LesPauls, as I find them to heavy and anti-ergonomic. But I wanted to give a try to this single-cut, and I am very happy with it. Flawless construction (except one issue with bad soldering that I've documented here) excellent playability, and great resonance.