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Are you a time traveller? Is 2020 fun? I feel like I should be able to see everything.
Not a time traveler, I wish I was. Then I would know if I was able to buy another PRS down the road. How do I post a picture?
How do I post a picture?

(1) Put the picture on an external hosting site (like for instance)
(2) Get the URL/address of the pic or image
(3) click on the symbol that looks like a box with a sun and some mountains in it when creating a post
(4) that opens another window and you paste the url of the picture into the box that opened.
(5) finish your post... and there is your pic

You needed 3 posts to be able to have pics and now you have that... so post pics now!

Finally, got my pictures to work. My Custom 24 10-top with bruise wrap burst, and hormigo neck.
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Thanks for the welcome, I purchased a new CE24 this past weekend at gearfest at sweetwater. I am so excited to play it as much as I can. I have been trying to find "the one" for me and after 3 years of looking at trying them I have her now!!!!!!!
Welcome to the forum and the land of enablers who will help you realize you need a second... and a third... and an Archon...and...