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Apr 27, 2017
Thanks for allowing me to not only join, but lurk in the shadows prior to joining. Was able to get some good intel which re-affirmed my decision to get the CE 22. This past month I've been busting out massive OT (avg 15 hrs) to make this happen.

I've always admired PRS. Wanted one for so long. There’s something to be said about PRS’s.

After wanting a PRS for so long, I finally had the opportunity to make it happen. Working with a set budget, I had to find the right one. I started my quest looking at various SC245s. My main guitar is/was a Gibson Les Paul. I figured I’ve been an LP guy for as long as I can remember, maybe I should start my search there (transition to PRS would be smooth). I also prefer 22 frets. I mainly play rhythm, melodies, ambiance, secondary parts, etc. So I don’t even use those frets much.

I also looked at various S2 models. Neither spoke to me. There were always something missing. I know that do to my budget some compromises would have to be made, but I didn’t want to shortchange myself either. Those were all very nice axes, I just wanted more. So I looked at a few McCartys. Other guitarist in my band has one. I liked the feel, look, playability of it. It also has the craftsmanship/quality I desired, yet still being around budget.

Wanting a slightly different tone than the LP gave me, a slightly brighter/snappier tone than the McCarty and a trem system, while still having the craftsmanship of the Core line, I found a good deal on a mint conditioned 2007 CE 22. While I had to compromise on not having the birds or moons, I didn't have to compromise on some of the finer details (recessed controls and back panels, multiple piece neck, flat angle/no lip near binding, top, etc ala S2 offerings). It offered everything I wanted. I don’t mind the bolt on neck, I actually really like

I ordered a pair of Seymour Duncan Custom 5 (SH-15) / 59 (Sh-1n) that I can’t wait to drop in. I prefer Duncans over Gibson/Prs/Dimarzio pups. That combo and that axe will sound beautiful with my amp (Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace).

Anyone know what color this is? Place called it Ocean Turquoise (not sure if that’s correct or not).

Congrats, welcome aboard, what's your next PRSi??

This one looks like my '91 royal blue that's had some exposure. Pop off a pickup ring and see if there's any fading. You can also check the modcat.:cool:
Welcome to the forum and a killer guitar! CE's are great guitars!

It will certainly compliment your LP...
My tech just shot me over a picture of the sticker inside the pickup cavity of the guitar.

Using the modcat decoder, Here's some intel on the guitar.....

Classic Electric, 22 frets, Pattern Wide/Fat Neck Carve, Figure Maple, Non Ten Top, Maple Neck and Body with Indian Rosewood Fingerboard, Blue Matteo finish, Dragon 2 pickups (Bridge was replaced with some sort of Dimarzio. Doesn't really matter as I'm swapping the pickups out anyways).
Dumb question but what does the i stand for in PRSi? I see it all the time, does it stand for issued?