New member, NGD x 2, and question


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Oct 1, 2012
Hello everyone, new member here. After a couple of years away from PRS I am back in the fold. Previously I had a CU24 that I traded for a Gibson Les Paul Axcess. For a couple of years all I played was Les Pauls. Recently , after getting tired of tuning issues, etc. I started missing my CU24. I tried trading back but that didn't work out so I sold the Axcess (Floyd's are a pain) and an amp and bought a new 09 CU24. I always liked the 5 way rotary switch on the older models as well as the HFS/Vintage pickups. I tried 5 different ones and the one I got sounded the best to me even though I preferred the color on a different one. Anyway, awesome guitar and it feels like home plus it is always in tune (cool). So the following week, I go back to the same music store to check out an Experience 2012 CU24 that they got in. That is when I noticed a plain black DGT that just looked really cool to me (suprising since I prefer figured tops). I plugged it in and tried it out and it just sounded so good. So I tell my wife about it and she went and bought it for me and suprised me with it that night. I absolutely love this guitar. I do have a question about it though. I am not sure if this is a DGT Standard or an original DGT. Most DGT's that I see that are painted black have the natural maple binding. Mine is only black without the binding. The hang tag only says DGT. I opened up the the trem cavity but it was all black in there as well. Either way is cool with me as I love the guitar but I was just curious. Oh the guitar was made in July 2012. Thanks in advance! Again awesome to be back in the PRS world. They are easy to play, stay in tune, versatile, and sound great!
Congrats, welcome and as required: does she have a sister?

Let's see some pics. Hard to beat a black DGT
Welcome back to the fold! And congrats on the double NGD!

To be sure what your DGT is, you can check the modcat (the really long letter/number combination on the sticker on the case and in the pickup cavity). for an explanation. Anyway, the second part of the modcat will tell you what kind of top it is. If the code is an M, you'd got a good old fashioned DGT. if it's a H, you have a DGT standard.
Lol she does have a sister actually. I don't know how to post a picture? I don't have an online photo account unfortunately.
Awesome, thanks Aldwyn...I have a standard. I was hoping that would be the case. It is killer!