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May 29, 2013
"The Hills" @ Mulholland Drive & Laurel Canyon Rd.
Hi everyone. Just joined, after getting my first PRS. My question is that after lurking awhile I am confused. what is BAM that I keep reading about? And is this "official" forum connected to the other PRS forum? If so, how? If not, why? thanks, and sorry for the newbie questions as I get up to speed here.
BAM stands for Birds And Moons which is the old PRS forum that no longer exists. Members of that forum are referred to as "Bammers"
Years ago (Fall of '99), there was a "PRS Forum". That forum spun off "The Gear Page"in 2002, or so. The old PRS Forum was run with the knowledge and permission of PRS, the company.

After almost 5 years, the owner/admin decided to shut down the "PRS Forum". In it's place BaM (Birds & Moons) began. Also, about the same time, another forum, the "PRS Forums" (notice the "S" at the end) sprang up. It has nothing to do with this place and no official status with the company.

Last Spring, BaM crashed. The owners of Vintage Rockers bought the rights to BaM, then decided it wasn't salvageable and blended it into the VR site.

Confused yet? If not, you should be! :D

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