New MannMadeUSA Trem


I'm here for the free kool-aid...
Mar 7, 2017
20 in stock!

Definitely digging the price.
Not sure about having the branding on it.
Hope the NOS2000 stays around too. I like the idea that that's the original design from back in the days.

Are the saddle and intonation screws brass though?
The saddle plating on my 2 NOS2000 seem to be holding up a bit better than the OG trem plating on my core.
The upgrade kit doesn't include the nicer trem arm, so I feel like I might as well go with the new bridge or the 2000NOS rather than the upgrade kit.

That's what I like about it too. Plus a little less fiddling with getting the block changed out.
Problem w/NOS2000 is that it's out of stock whereas this one seems to be available (for now. These 20 will go quick).

Great upgrades either way.
This is not a nice thing for them to do, now I have to decide if I want to put a new trem on my S2 Custom Semi, which I have zero problems with as is, but...
I have a 408 made in 2013. What advantage would one of these provide compared to the existing PRS unit??
I Don't understand why A person would buy this instead of a cheaper one piece trem. What am I missing?
John posted recently that the 2000NOS is rose brass. The core are yellow brass. Slightly different composition with different musical values.

Actually, Rose Brass is considered a Bronze. There is a lot of blurring of the lines between different brasses and bronzes, but just think of bronze as being more copper/red colored and brass as being more gold colored. So, from a metallurgical point of view, they are very different.