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Jan 20, 2013
Hello PRS owners and dealers :hello:My name is David. I'm still new with PRS guitars (only had local guitars made in the Philippines, a black Strat body(first electric guitar which my mother gave to me as a gift when I was in junior high) and a red 24fret RG body FloydRose guitar. I gave them to my cousins when I migrated here in the US last 2011.

I'm wondering if anyone can help me.

I own a 2011 Tremonti SE, and the nickel wraparound stoptail has a very visible tarnish due to resting my palm all the time when I play the guitar (on the 6,5,4 strings part of the bridge and low E stud) I bought it last year, mid February, and bought many items for maintaining it(microfiber cloth PRS and Planet waves, PRS Guitar Polish, Fretboard Conditioner) and for what I've read at the Customer Support of the PRS website they recommend Blue Magic Metal Polish for the nickel hardware, so I also bought it. But it never worked on making the tarnish disappear. I really need advices from you guys on how to make it shine again. I was about to buy a black Tonepros Adjustable Bridge w/ Locking studs to match the Grover 406BC black 3x3 Mini Locking Tuners I bought but haven't installed it yet, cause I also have the Black TUSQ XL nut that also need to be installed which I wouldn't do myself, but just decided to save the money to buy the Tremonti Pups for the 2012 Tremonti SE Custom(also have the Grover 406C Chrome and Black TUSQ XL nut for this one) that I'm expecting to arrive this week.

So maybe I'll just keep the stock stoptail but really want it to bring it back on its original condition. Would really appreciate advices from you guys. Thanks. :shakehands:
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Try some Maas polish. Better yet, upgrade to a US bridge.

Thanks sir.. Will definitely check it out..
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upgraded to a mint condition PRS adjustable stoptail, just waiting now for the tremonti pickups to be available then go to my local luthier for set up. thanks for the idea sir.