New Guitar Day: P22


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Mar 6, 2013
P22 in the house.


Here are some initial thoughts.

As expected, the P22 feels really good and is very easy to play. This particular example is also pretty light, not that I care about the weight a whole lot. Fingerboard is nice and, like other PRS models with this same cut, it's easy to hold.

I guess I'm a little surprised at how aggressive the tone from this guitar is on my home amps. The amp I tested it on at the store was a Marshall JCM900, and it sounded wonderful through that at all volumes. But it doesn't seem to like a Fargen Retro Classic, which is a surprise as I would have thought that would be a perfect fit for this guitar. Don't get me wrong, it sounds good through the Retro, just not great. Compared to my Les Paul, which simply refused to produce a bad tone on the Retro, I have to dial things back quite a bit with the P22, otherwise it just seems to produce a woody, bassy, and slightly messy kind of sound with the channel volume around noon. That same setting churned out an outstanding classic rock crunch on the Les Paul (Wildwood underwound pickups), but I suppose every guitar is different and takes some time to dial in with a particular amp. Nevertheless, so far I don't really dig it paired with the Retro.

Surprisingly enough, the P22 loves my Mesa Mark V. That's kind of a shock to me as I would have thought it would be a much better match with the Retro, but it just seems to feed off the Mark V and spit out some really in-your-face-type modern rock sounds. That really wasn't what I originally had in mind when I bought this guitar but... I'm kind of pleased with the way it turned out to be honest. It doesn't quite sound like anything else I can think of.

Moving on to channel 3, which is the really heavy gain channel on the Mark V, the P22 loves it. Imagine that! This thing throws down a John Petrucci modern metal sound with ease, and surprisingly enough, the neck works pretty well for this kind of heavy music. A little effort with the settings even produced a tone which sort of reminded me of Evanescence. What the hell is going on here? I don't know, but I like it.

The cool thing about this guitar is that it's able to spit out modern grind, but with a flick of a switch you can go into acoustic land and just chill with some mellow tunes. Having all that come from one guitar is pretty damn cool if you ask me.
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This isn't exact, but my P22 sounded pretty similar to this with the Mesa Mark V. Not sure which PRS model he's using in this video.

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