NEW Forum Truss Rod Cover Design Contest

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Agreed! I'm digging both of those!

Also, if I recall correctly, they were laser etched last time.
I thought the last one said "PRS Forum"?

That was one that was designed and made back in 2000, for the old original "Unofficial PRS Forum", run by Brian Scherzer and Scott Peterson (now of The Gear Page). It was Ed Blackstock's idea. Ron Thorn designed it and made a half dozen prototypes and I showed them to PRSH at the very first forum even in the Spring of 2000...
Yep. REALLY like that design. I hope the paisley can be done but still badazz without. Nice job Jeff!
Some more designs... Not sure the limitations on the etching and if you can have different shades and tones but I'll throw it up anyway and maybe Shawn can let me know on the paisley background...

I like both! But I think the one without paisley would be my first choice, mainly because in an area that small, the paisley seems a bit too "busy" maybe. Know whut I mean, Vern? But, really, good job, Lynn! I just prefer the more simplistic approach, less distraction and gets the message across.
Some great designs already. Something to consider is how a TRC design integrates with the headstock, e.g. existing PRS script signature. Looking forward to seeing more.

BTW, hi all, first post. Tomorrow is NGD as I plan on picking up a S2 Custom 24, my first PRS.
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